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Posted in August 2015

Overview of online proctoring solutions

Eduventures published an update on remote exam proctoring, providing an overview of US based online proctoring providers. Roughly the systems can be divided into three catagories:

  1. Fully Automated Solutions: The computer monitors students and determines whether they are cheating.
  2. Record and Review: Sessions are recorded as the computer monitors students. A human can then review the video at any time afterward.
  3. Fully Live: Students are on video and watched remotely by a live proctor.

There seems to be a tendency to move towards fully automated solutions, since it is more cost efficient and the technical solutions become more and more available, like multi factor authentication, eye-tracking and automated cheat detection. There are also systems that integrate into the institutions test delivery system or LMS.

The systems that still use live proctoring (whether it is a live proctor or a review) also use advanced technologies to help the proctor detect cheating.

Eduventures promises to keep covering these systems and providers so the coming months I expect more in depth information on developments in this sector. Interesting!

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